Exotic Alloys & Carbon- From $6,695

These models offer the unique blend of stiffness and resilience that can be obtained only through the use of exotic metals and carbon. Not merely lighter than the basic alloys found on other tandems, these frames are also stiffer and harder to dent. And while everyone understands that lower weight allows faster speeds, less understood is the undeniably faster finishing times produced by comfort. After all, it’s not only how fast you are the first hour in the saddle, it’s how long your body can maintain this speed. With this pair of exclusive tubesets, the thinner gauges made possible by rare alloys attenuate fatiguing vibration to create phenomenal all-day comfort.

Our NEWEST Team Tandems eclipse the previous price-to-speed equation and flat-out beats the competition: Our strategic use of carbon makes these gorgeous bikes simultaneously less expensive and faster than any all-carbon racing tandem with the performance enhancement of Bi-Laminate damping™.

Team Scandium
Team Titanium

• Double-butted tubing throughout for strength, comfort and minimal weight
• Santana’s exclusive tandem-specific geometry
• Tandem-scaled 1 1/4" headset, stem and fork
• Frame clearance for wide tires, 10" disc brake, and stronger 160mm wheels