The Tandem Test

Is tandeming for you?

Will you like it? Can you even do it? By taking this test, you can discover all this and more in the privacy of your own home.

Answer each question individually to obtain your 0 – 50 solo score. Then, total both of your scores to determine your combined 0 – 100 point tandem quotient. Finally, compare your TQ to the scale to find out if a tandem is in your future.

Question #1.

Would you enjoy spending more time together?

Give yourself two points if you share at least one meal a day at the same table. Add another two points if you are often in the same room during leisure hours, and an additional point if you spend your leisure time sharing the same activity.

Question #2.

Do you value fitness?

Give yourself a point if you think your level of fitness is more important than your weight. Add another point if you are currently in good health, and a point if you’d like to be in better shape a year from now. You gain another point if you participate in an aerobic activity at least once a week, and yet another if you use the stairs instead of an elevator.

Question #3.

Do you need to control stress?

Give yourself two points if you have a full-time job. Another point if you commute more than 15 minutes to get there. Add a point if you don’t practice yoga, and another if you don’t eat three square meals each day.

Question #4.

Do you enjoy the outdoors?

Give yourself a point if you get the winter blues. Add another if you enjoy walking in your neigh-borhood. A big point if you enjoy gardening. Another point if you are a hiker or camper. And a final point if you participate in an out-door sport, like playing tennis or golf, or coaching soccer or softball.

Question #5.

Do you have children?

Give yourself a point for each child, and an additional point if they live at home. Sorry, no points for hamsters or tropical fish. Five points maximum.

Question #6.

Do you enjoy travel?

Give yourself a point if you go on an annual vacation. Another point if you don’t visit the same place year after year. A point if you’ve ever vacationed on an island. A point if you read travel magazines or the travel section of your Sunday paper. A final point if you enjoyed the local cuisine on your last vacation.

Question #7.

Do you value teamwork?

Give yourself a point if you wished the two of you looked good on a dance floor. Another point if you work on your taxes together without arguing. One more point if you share access to a joint checking account. Another if the two of you share a favorite movie or song. And a final point for sharing a hobby or sport.

Question #8.

Do you like to socialize with compatible couples?

Give yourselves a point if you’ve invited friends over for dinner in the past six months. Another point if it was a full-blown dinner party. Add a third point if you’ve recently accompanied another couple to a movie, ball game, concert or play. Two more points if you’ve ever shared a vacation with another couple.

Question #9.

Can you cycle near home?

Give yourself a point if you don’t live in the midst of a gridlocked city core. Another point if there’s a bike path within ten miles of home. Add a point if you live on a rural road, or are within five miles of a rideable dirt road. And two more points if you are willing to drive thirty minutes to reach a place that’s fun to ride.

Question #10.

Are you already a cyclist?

Captain: Give yourself five points if you already understand shifting, braking, pedal cadence and flat tire repair. If not, give yourself four points just for being willing to learn.

Stoker: Give yourself one point if you are already a cyclist or a point even if you haven’t yet learned the ropes (cycling experience is not a prerequisite). Add two more points if you can appreciate the extra freedom of riding in the passenger seat of a car (instead of driving). Give yourself another point if you’re not a back-seat driver, and a fifth if you have faith in your potential captain.

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