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Your First Ride

What Kind of Tandem?

An important question is what type of tandem is best for you? Road tandems are our fastest, most efficient and best-selling models, and are capable of taking you over hardpacked dirt roads. With stronger and more versatile 26-inch wheels, our Enduro tandems make excellent touring machines and excel at all types of riding; including paved roads, unpaved roads and even rutted trails.

Even if you’re not yet sure you want a tandem, consider that an awkward first experience on a lesser machine might dissuade you or your partner from tandeming altogether. Regardless of your budget, test ride a Santana before you buy—no other tandem is safer, easier or more pleasurable to ride.

Finally, by arranging an appointment before you visit, your Santana Test Ride Center will be happy to schedule the undivided personal attention of a knowledgeable specialist.