Getting Started

If your new to tandems & tandeming and want to learn more about our industry. A good place to start is by reading Bill McCready's articles on Tandeming (also listed above).

Bill McCready has been racing, riding, building and selling tandems for 41 years. He met his stoker and future wife, Jan, at a 1970 club ride where he showed up with his tandem and no partner. Since then Jan and Bill have toured the world over, and have led dozens of tandem rallies in the U.S. and abroad.

In the mid-’70s, as Associate Editor for Bicycling magazine, Bill oversaw tandem road tests and articles while captaining and stoking thousands of miles with more than 100 riding partners on tandems from over 40 builders. Armed with the desire and knowledge to create better tandems for enthusiasts, in 1976 Bill left Bicycling to found Santana, and the rest is history. Thousands of cyclists have attended one of Bill’s “Intro to Tandeming” demo events and seminars, or taken one of his tandem test rides. Now the industry standard, Bill’s test ride procedure has been published in bike trade and consumer magazines worldwide.

Once you have a feel for the sport its time to check out the equipment. A tandem is a big-ticket item with the power to improve your life, and finding the right tandem is the most important step you’ll take. For information regarding the sizing and purchase of Santana Tandems click on the topics to the left. Start with Your First Ride.

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To compliment your tandem, we offer a variety of rallies, tours and vacations you'll surely enjoy. They sell out quickly so act fast.

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